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摘要:我們將介紹一些常見的形近義異介詞短語和其他一些常用介詞短語。(二)形近義異介詞短語辨析 1. ①all but 幾乎,差一點(almost);除了……都(all except) ②anything but單單除……之外;根本不


1. ①all but 幾乎,差一點(almost);除了……都(all except)

②anything but單單除……之外;根本不……

③nothing but 僅僅,只不過(only, no more than)

I all but stumbled. 我差一點摔跤。

I will eat anything but carrot. 我什么都吃, 是不吃胡蘿卜。

He is anything but clever. 他根本不聰明。

The fellow is nothing but a fool. 那家伙不過是個傻瓜而已。

2. ①at a time 每次,一次

②at one time曾經,一度(once);

同時(at the same time; simultaneously)He used to abandon his work for many months at a time. 他過去常常把工作一丟 是好幾個月。

At one time she was the chairman of the board. 她曾擔任董事會主席。

He was the chairman of the board and at one time he was also the president of the company. 他同時擔任董事會主席和公司總裁。

3. ①at no time決不,從不(never; on no occasion)

②in no time立即,馬上(in a very brief time)

At no time did I feel they were being unreasonable. 我從沒覺得他們不講理。

We’ll be there in no time.我們很快 會到那兒。

4. ①for the moment暫時(as far as the present time is concerned, although perhaps not later)

②at the moment此刻,現在(at present time; now)

③in a moment很快,一會兒(very soon)

For the moment we are content to watch and wait.目前我們甘心在一旁觀察和等待。(暗含以后不甘于這樣的意味)

I’m busy at the moment, but I’ll do it later. 這會兒我很忙,過后我會處理這件事的。

I am on the telephone now, but I will be with you in a moment. 我正打電話,一會兒 到你那兒去。

5. ①at present目前,現在(at the present time or moment; now)

②for the present暫時,暫且(temporarily); 目前而言(as far as the present time is concerned意指某一情形目前存在著,但很可能會發生變化)

We don’t know at present who will win the election.現在我們還不知道誰將在選舉中獲勝。

For the present she continues with the antibiotics. 目前她還是繼續使用抗生素。

6. ①out of question毫無疑問(without doubt; doubtless),作表語

②out of the question不可能的(not to be thought of as possible; not to be done),也作表語

③without question毫無疑問,毫無疑義(without arguing or asking why it is necessary),作狀語

The sabotage is out of question a fresh blow to international peace efforts. 那次陰謀破壞無疑對國際和平努力又是一個新的打擊。

She knew that a holiday was out of the question this year.她知道今年不可能有假期。

Without question he is the brightest student in the school. 毫無疑問,他是全校最聰明的學生。

7. ①for oneself為自己

②to oneself 歸于自己

③of oneself 由自己構成,出于自動

④in oneself在自身境界中,在自身屬性中

⑤by oneself 自動地,單獨地

She kept the largest apple for herself. 她把最大的蘋果留給自己。

Keep it to yourself. 不要告訴別人。

You must have done something to it —it cannot break of itself. 你一定碰它了——它不會自己破的。

London forms a county by itself. 倫敦單獨 是一個郡。

London seems a world of itself. 倫敦本身好像 是個世界。

London is a little world in itself.倫敦城里 是一個小型世界。

8. ①on the contrary表示完全不贊同某一說法并提出與該說法"正相反,恰恰相反"的事實

②by / in contrast用于表示兩個極不相同的事實之間的明顯差異,意為"與此形成對照;相比之下"

—Does it rain a lot in the desert? 沙漠里下雨多嗎?

—On the contrary, it hardly ever rains. 恰恰相反,那兒幾乎從不下雨。

By/In contrast, our use of oil has increased enormously. 相比之下,我們的石油用量增長巨大。

9. ①at the cost of 以(某物)為代價,以犧牲某人的生命為代價

②at the expense of由……支付費用,以(損害或損失)……為代價

He saved the girl from drowning at the cost of his own life. 他舍身把溺水的姑娘救出來。

His successful career was at the expense of his social life. 他成功的 生涯是以犧牲社交生活為代價的。

10. ①in the face of 面對,縱然遭遇(困難、問題等)而

②in the presence of / in one’s presence 某人在場的情況下,當著某人的面

③in front of也可表示當著某人的面

They carry on smiling in the face of adversity. 面對逆境,他們仍然保持微笑。

He signed his name in the presence of two witnesses. 他當著兩位證人的面簽下自己的名字。

Don’t talk about that in front of the children. 別當著孩子的面談那件事情。


1. 表示"簡言之"in a / one word, in sum, in short, in brief

2. 表示"總的來說,大體上"on the whole, in general

3. 表示"事實上"in truth, in effect, in fact, as a matter of fact

4. 表示"有時,間或"on and off, on occasions, once in a while, at times, from time to time

5. 表示"偶然"by chance, by accident

6. 表示"突然"all at once, all of a sudden

7. 表示"至多"at best, at most

8. 表示"代替"instead of, in place of

9. 表示"最后,終于"at last, at length, in the end, in time (最后,終于;及時)

10. 表示"究竟,到底"in the world, on earth

11. 表示"從今以后"from now on, in future

12. 表示"永久地"for ever (永遠), for good (永久地,決定性地), once and for all (一勞永逸地)

13. 從長遠說來in the long run14. 從短期來看,眼下in the short run以上我們介紹了一些大學英語學習中常見的介詞短語。在我們以后的學習中一定還會遇到很多其他的介詞短語,希望同學們注意總結,這對提高你們的英語應用能力定會大有裨益。



without question in the long runto itself regardless of at the expense of

1. He succeeded in business _______ his personal life.

2. They obeyed me ________.

3. It deserves a paragraph ________.

4. This measure inevitably means higher taxes ________.

5. Every man in this country has the right to live where he wants to, ________ the color of his skin.


1. You must finish the negotiation in the week in front of the meeting.2. The two groups were similar with respect to income and status.

3. As to tax, that will be deducted from your salary.

4. That’s nothing but true.

5. His speech was short and at all points.



1. 答案:at the expense of。句意:他經商成功是以犧牲個人生活為代價的。

2. 答案:without question。句意:毫無疑問他們服從我。

3. 答案:to itself。句意:這一點應該有一整段來專門論述。

4. 答案:in the long run。句意:從長遠來看,這項舉措的結果 是要多納稅。

5. 答案:regardless of。句意:不論膚色如何,該國的每一個人都有權在自己喜歡的地方居住。


1. 錯。分析:in front of 應改為prior to,in front of 強調空間關系,本句表達時間關系,因而選用prior to更恰當。句意:你們必須得在開會前一周內完成談判。

2. 對。分析:本句中介詞短語with respect to表達的意思是“ 而言”,使用正確,沒有疑義。也可用in terms of,in respect to等介詞短語。句意:這兩組在收入和地位方面是相似的。

3. 對。分析:本句使用as to合適,能清楚表達本句含義,還可使用as for / as regards等。句意:至于稅款,將從你薪水中扣除。

4. 錯。分析:本句中的nothing but true意義表達模糊,且不符合英語表達習慣,建議改為“That’s anything but true.”。句意:那絕不是真的。

5. 錯。分析:本句中的at all points的意思為“完全地”,相當于completely,用于此處不恰當。本句應為“His speech was short and to the point.”。句意:他的講話簡明中肯。


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